Mold Inspection – Detecting mold in your house

Mold Inspection

If you think there is excessive amounts of mold growing in some part of your house that you cannot check all by yourself, a professional mold inspection service can be of great help.

The mold inspection process finds where exactly the mold is growing in your house and also checks for water problems that is causing the mold to appear. So you can not only remove the mold, but also fix the root cause of the trouble.

If you see mold in your house, then there may be more of it somewhere underneath or out of view. This happens often with underground wooden structures or crawling spaces or some wooden roof structures. In these scenarios calling a mold inspection service is quite necessary as they can do a thorough check of the extent to which the mold has spread.

Signs of Mold in house

There are plenty of symptoms that can indicate a mold problem somewhere in your house. For example –

1. You are suffering respiratory problems or skin allergies or both.
2. You notice musty smell in some corner of your house.
3. You have water and damp problems which will potentially cause mold.

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Hiring a professional mold inspection service

There are plenty of mold inspection service providers that can make your job easier. They have the experience and equipment to accurately detect and test mold even in the hidden places of the house.

Mold testing services will also collect samples of the mold and send it for testing to collect more information on what mold was growing inside your house. This can help you detect and diagnose health problems of those living inside the house.

With their fine equipments they can not only find mold, but also check for water and damp problems that is causing the mold. If you think there is mold problem in your house that you are not able to treat yourself, its necessary to call in a professional.

Checking for water problems

If you plan to call in a mold inspection service, then make sure to recall all past water problems that happened in the house. This would be water leakage from pipes or even flood. You need to inform the mold inspection team about these past problems so that they can investigate in the right direction.

Even if you are trying to do the mold inspection yourself, you need to be well informed about past water problems so that you have some clue about how and where the problem began in the first place.

Check the house thoroughly for moisture or damp problems. While doing regular cleaning of the house you can easily discover areas like walls and ceilings that are having moisture problem or smelling bad.

Also check places that could have a water leakage problem. Check places where water pipes are installed in your bathroom, kitchen etc and see if there are any signs of water leakage. If you have a water reservoir on the roof then check its pipelines as well. Also check the roof structure for any cracks where rain water could potentially fill in.

Hidden Mold

Mold can grow in places that are completely hidden from view. For example, inside the cracks of a wall, under peeling walls or other areas that are not visible. If you are inspecting such areas in the basement or other crawling spaces, the make sure to carry a bright flashlight to be able to see clearly.

Other ways to detect hidden mold is by the musty odor they emit. If certain areas of the house smell very bad and cause sneezing or eye irritation, surely there is mold over there.

Identifying Mold Properly

Sometimes, what might appear as mold, might just be black dirt spots or soot sticking around for a long time. Look at spots closely but carefully and see if it appears like fungal growth or something organic. If it appears as a uniform dark patch it might just be dirt that you need to clean.

Try not to dust away the mold

If you find large areas of mold during the inspection, be careful not to dust away using some kind of broom stick or wipe. Doing so, can spread the mold in air and also release mycotoxins (toxic chemicals released by mold) in the air which will be harmful to those breathing around.

Do the cleaning after complete inspection using proper cleaning solutions and other necessary preparations. For more information on cleaning mold yourself, check out this previous article here –

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Mold treatment

After you have managed to find out the mold in your house, its time to get some remedy to remove it completely. If its small in quantity and size you may want to consider cleaning it yourself.

However, if the mold affected area is very large, like an entire room or a large ceiling or entire wall, then you should definitely consider consulting a professional. Large quantities of mold indicate a more severe underlying problem that will be difficult to fix all by yourself.

Furthermore, if the mold affected area is large, there are chances that a variety of mold species have grown over the place, including some toxic mold. Then it becomes even more important to get the experts to work on it rather than risking your own health and safety. In short, hire a professional or agency.

Mold Testing

Mold testing can identify the species of the mold that has been affecting your house and provides further information about possible health concerns. Many of the mold removal agencies will also provide mold testing services if you opt for it. Of course it will have additional cost.

Mold testing involves collection of mold samples from the affected site and then sending them to a laboratory for testing and analysis. Later on reports would be made available that would contain detailed information about the mold.

Mold Remediation

The final goal of all the effort is to do a permanent remedy to the mold problem so that it does not appear again in the house or at least stays out for a long time.

The first part of the process is to clean all the existing mold by yourself or hiring a professional. Once the whole place is clean, the next thing would be to do permanent treatment to the underlying problems that caused the mold to appear.

Fixing water leakage problems is the most important step towards eliminating moisture and damp problem from the house, which will prevent further mold growth. Depending on the nature of water problem you may have to call in plumbers or similar services to fix it. This will involve repair cost and labor charges depending on the scale of the work. You might have to collect quotes from multiple agencies before selecting one. This again could be a daunting task if you are doing it for the first time.


Mold inspection becomes necessary when it becomes a recurring problem inside the house. Merely wipe out is not the solution. Proper treatment of underlying problems is necessary to prevent mold from growing again and again.

Mold inspection becomes all the more important if the place has seen severe water damage in the past, like a flood. Water damage can cause water to permeate deep into the walls and basement, making it very difficult for the house owner to tackle himself.

Do make sure to call in a professional mold remediation service if you feel it necessary. Removing mold is necessary for your good health and of your family.

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